Headaches? Stress? Anxiety?

Must be agenda time again!

What if you didn't feel this way every time you started the agenda process?

What if you actually looked forward to it?

What if you had AgendaQuick, the industry leading agenda management software used by city and county clerks across North America?


AgendaQuick™ is a Web-based agenda software application designed to simplify the agenda management process from start to finish. You might call it an electronic agenda or e-agenda. But no matter what you call it, AgendaQuick™ will make creating and distributing agendas quick and easy.

"The program will ultimately save me 2-3 days of agenda work per week. It will pay for itself within six months in time saved alone. It is also saving our staff significant time in preparing and routing items for our agendas." -- City of Flagstaff, Arizona 

For the Clerks and Administrative Staff:

Finalize the agenda and publish it to your website all in one affordable, easy to understand application that everyone will want to use.

For the Council members, Board members and Commissioners:

View agendas and supporting documentation - anywhere, anytime, online.

For the organization:

Save time, save money—make the agenda process more accessible to everyone.

With an iron-clad satisfaction guarantee, the fastest deployment and one of the most affordable agenda management software systems on the market, why not take a look?  Give us a call or email to arrange an online demo.

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